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billed annually Saving 30%

500 Leads per month

Unlimited Total Leads

Unlimited Campaigns

1 Brand

1 Custom Domain

Autoresponder Emails

Advanced Fraud Prevention


Just what's needed for small campaigns.


billed annually Saving 30%

Hobby features plus

2,500 Leads / mo

Unlimited Campaigns

1 Brand

1 Custom Domain

Branding Free Landing Pages

Reward Level Emails

A/B Testing

Tracking Pixels/Scripts



No branding. Every feature.


billed annually Saving 30%

Premium features plus

10,000 Leads / mo

Unlimited Campaigns

3 Brands

3 Custom Domains

3 Team Members

 No KickoffLabs Branding

SMS Contests Optional

Custom Email Templates and Domains

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Actions

1:1 Onboarding / Setup Meeting


Manage large campaigns.


billed annually Saving 30%

Business features plus

25,000 Leads / mo

Unlimited Campaigns

5 Brands

5 Custom Domains

5 Team Members

SMS Included - $50 value!

Priority Support

Free Design Tweaks

1:1 Onboarding / Setup Meeting

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I just came across KickoffLabs and fell in love, especially with the UX. It made it very easy for people to share my project, get other folks excited about it... Now we're up to almost 3,000 subscribers on our email list.

Melissa Moran / Founder + CEO / Swingly Toys

With our newly acquired list, we were able to launch our Kickstarter on time and reach our funding goal. The list since has been really helpful and have built a really strong community thanks to this campaign.

Dana Holliday / Co-Founder & Creative Director / SOLO Eyewear

I think we drove 30,000 signups just in one week alone! KickoffLabs lets us capitalize on virality, social behavior, and how you make something contagious.

Rossa Shanks / Co-Founder / Great Little Places

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Leads per month

The number of leads added through KickoffLabs each month. There is no total lead limit. Plans will be upgraded automatically if you exceed your monthly limit.

500 / mo

2,500 / mo

10,000 / mo

25,000 / mo

Unlimited Campaigns

Each a separate list of customers collected with landing pages, opt-in forms, and email marketing.

Custom Domains

Publish pages to your secure (SSL Encrypted) custom domain(s) and manage different campaigns with unique domains.





Team Accounts

Invite clients or your development team.





Allowed Signups/API Calls Per Minute

Got a large existing audience and need to scale signups quickly?

10 / min

25 / min

50 / min

100 / min

SMS Contest Messages

Text signups and automatic replies to a leads phone to encourage sharing.

Optional $50/month

Tracking Pixels/Scripts

Add popular tracking pixels and scripts from Facebook, Google, and others to your campaign.

Smarter Page A/B Testing

Test without losing conversions to a bad variation!


Free and Hobby plans include KickoffLabs branding on popups, landing pages, embeds, and emails.

KickoffLabs Branded

Branding Free Pages

Branding Removed

Branding Removed

Advanced Reporting

Realtime reports on conversions, actions, sharing, and more beyond the last 30 days.

Run With






Popups on your site with one line of code.

Unlimited Responsive Landing Pages

Publish as many mobile responsive landing pages as needed.


Embed pages and campaigns on your site with one line of code.

AnyForm Connect

Make any existing landing page or custom page a KickoffLabs viral form!

Unlimited Contest Status Pages

Leads check scores, you encourage viral sharing, deliver bribes, and host contest leaderboards!

Contest Emails from Kickofflabs





Autoresponder Emails

We can send an automated thank you message to new leads with their unique share links.

Reward Level Emails

Setup automatic emails to go out when leads reach specific sharing targets.

Verification Emails

Ensure contest email validity with a double opt-in email.

Discount Code Distribution

Send unique discount codes from your online store to new leads or automatically when they reach certain contest point totals.

Custom Email Templates

Use custom HTML and email template designs for your campaigns.

Custom Email Domains

Leverage your own domain for sending contest emails.

Lead Management





Campaign Grouping

Manage multiple contests or multiple clients with one account at the same time.


We offer our own and integrate with Google and other providers.


MailChimp - Facebook Audiences - Klaviyo - Slack - Zapier

Webhooks In/Out

Push leads to KickoffLabs or notify other services of new leads or lead events like score changes.

Lead Notifications

Real time, daily, or weekly email notifications delivered to yourself or clients about new leads.

Advanced Fraud Prevention

We'll automatically flag suspicious behavior such as disposable emails, bots, and more to prevent fraud from ruining your contest.

Duplicate IP Blocking

Prevent cheats from signing up multiple times from one IP address.


Captcha helps prevent against robots and other forms of campaign fraud.

Lead Tags

Segment and score leads with custom tags that can award points via script, API, or manual awards.






Community Support

Help from KickoffLabs Experts and peers in the community.

Email Support

Help when you need it. We're always happy to give you our 2 cents on your landing pages.

Custom Domain Setup

We'll personally make sure you are up and running on your own domain.

1:1 Setup Meeting

Get 30 minutes with a KickoffLabs expert. Get started right!

Free Design Tweaks

Get your campaigns looking perfect for your brand with our assistance.

Priority Support

Your questions are answered first via chat, email, or a scheduled support call.

Built in Features

Looking for something? Let us know if you don't see it.

Contest Types - Mix and Match!

Unlock Rewards

Participants unlock rewards as they earn points.

Bonus Entry Giveaway

A drawing where participant odds improve as they earn points.

Prelaunch Waitlist

Participants move up in line as they earn points.

Ecommerce Rewards

Connect to shopify and reward purchases and referral purchases.


A referral leaderboard that encourages more sharing and lets people see where they stand.

Ecommerce Giveaway

The more money they spend or refer the better odds they have.

Opt-In Bribe

Quickly deliver digital rewards to new leads as an incentive for signing up.

Customizable Contest Scoring & Actions


join via email, Facebook, Google, or Phone Number


getting a friend to join.


points awarded per dollar spent.

Form Actions

Collect additional lead info for contest points.


subscribe - watch video - visit channel - upload video

App Downloads

app store - play store


refer friends - sign up - visit page - view post - share content

X / Twitter

like - repost - follow - send post - refer friends - share content


visit - view post

Tell Friends

email - digg - facebook messenger - reddit - pinterest - SMS - tumbler - telegram - weibo - whatsapp - wordpress

Linked In

follow - share content - tell friends

Open Link

open and view any specific page


join Server


watch video - visit profile

Product Hunt

follow us - vote for product


Tell Friends - Visit Community - share content link


visit - subscribe!

App Stores

download in google play or apple app store


Follow - Listen to Track


refer friends - share content - join channel!


sign up


refer friends - send message - share content


tell friends - share content

Custom Actions

write your own action scripts with lead tagging and verification!


tell friends - share content


tell friends - share content

And more actions for

Kickstarter - Indiegogo - Threads - Crypto Wallets - BandCamp - Patreon - Bandcamp

Standard Features

Custom CSS & HTML

Have your own designer? Add CSS to our pages or use custom HTML pages with our easy AnyForm script.

Viral Boost

Get 35% more conversions with our built in customer referral system that turns every lead into an influencer.

Unique Referral Links

Generate unique links for every lead and make it easy for them to share on social networks.

Winner Picker

Have KickoffLabs draw a winner(s) from the entries. Weigh the number of points people earned to give higher scores better odds.

Google Signup

Leads signup by simply clicking "Signup With Google!"

Facebook Signup

Leads signup by simply clicking "Signup With Facebook!"

Signup Link

Let people opt into this campaign with one-click registration from their inboxes.

Import & Export Leads

Import existing leads and create custom exports based on defined audiences.

Campaign Countdown

A countdown for your campaign used on landing pages and your popup box.

Campaign Terms & Conditions

Set terms and conditions once and use it anywhere on your campaign.

The free plan lets you run a mini-campaign to 100 uniques a month.

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Fine Print

Answers to common pricing questions

GDPR? Yes. We're compliant!

You can read about our GDPR stance, DPA agreements, and product updates that enable you to be GDPR compliant with KickoffLabs here.

Privacy Shield? Yes - We're certified.

We love bribing government officials at multiple agencies for certificates. :) We're both EU-US and Swiss-US framework approved. Click here for proof

What kind of support can I expect?

The best! We believe that any technology can be copied. It's much harder to copy a customer experience. Contact us anytime for any reason.

Can I change plans or cancel at any time?

Yes. If you realize you need a higher or lower plan, you can change at any time from your account management page. If you upgrade from a lower to a higher plan you will be charged the prorated amount for the current billing cycle.

What's the refund policy?

We offer a 30 day refund policy from the day you are charged. Refunds may not be issued if you collect over 50 leads.

When will I be charged?

You will be billed as soon as you upgrade. However, we will issue a full refund for any reason during the first 30 days.

What if I go over the leads allowed per month?

Your plan will be automatically upgraded to the plan that includes leads required based on the usage. Annual or semi-annual plans will be billed monthly for overage fees of $8 per each 1,000 leads if you go over in a given month.

What if I need more leads than the Enterprise plan?

You'll be charged $8 per each additional 1,000 leads per month required. Contact us to lower that rate with a custom enterprise agreement.

What if I have more questions?

Use the get help button on your left or email support@kickofflabs.com.