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KickoffLabs powered our growth of 80,000 leads in one campaign... I just bought a year membership just because I realized, "I'm going to use this again."

Conor Lewis - Founder - Get The Fort

Trusted by companies big and small

Fun Lead Capture & Giveaway Features Designed for Audience Growth


Easily embed on your site, run in a popup, connect to existing forms, or design dedicated contest pages in our simple builder.


Leads can get additional entries when they tell their friends. Zero work is required to setup this system.


Drive contest engagement by giving people additional actions to perform in exchange for even more entries.


Increase engagement and sharing with KickoffLab's emails. Send emails after sign up or when they reach key activity thresholds.


Prevent fake contest entries and referrals from mucking up your contest. We've got tools to help with that.


Contestants can earn additional entries when they make purchases or even when they refer someone that makes purchases!

What all of the campaigns have in common is using the KickoffLabs page. We use this platform to test the market...see what people feel about our product.

Brandon Stokes / Founder / Blacksteel

It has the core social sharing functionality we were looking for. And with their flexible landing page designer, building our own custom template design was easy… you can edit pretty much everything on there.

Aref Shehadeh / Co-Founder / Saha

In fact, because of what KickoffLabs offers with the identity and the fraud support, we were able to really weed out a lot of people who loaded up on email addresses trying to win, and that was really one of the things that we wanted to do.

Daniel Paul / Vice President of Marketing / NOBO Inc